Final thoughts on Simbavati River Lodge

I am leaving Simbavati now. It’s been a great, if all too short, stay. The setting was super, the beds were supremely comfortable, the food was delicious – very tasty bush cuisine with delicious salads at lunchtime – and the game-viewing excellent as I mentioned earlier.

We (again) missed the morning drive due to a meeting and this time missed a wild dog kill which was a huge disappointment. Apparently the wild dog killed twice in the space of the game drive which just demonstartes why wild dogs are called killing machines.

Though I was sorry to miss out, I was pleased to hear that a 84 year old well-travelled guest had seen wild dog for the first time in his life, and on a kill as well. He had arrived the previous day, having done many safaris in East Africa and had been vaguely disappointed by the lack of general plains game. (South Africa doesn’t have the vast herds of zebra and wildebeest that you will see in the Serengeti.) It reminded me of the various differences between East Africa and South Africa in terms of your safari experience… which I’ll talk about another time… So I was very pleased (in a Nationalistic sort of way) that South Africa had delivered something he’d never seen before…

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