My second drive at Simbavati River Lodge

I missed the morning game drive as we were stuck in a meeting so my next drive was also an afternoon/evening one. It was also eventful starting with a lovely rhino sighting of three white rhino. One was rubbing every part of him on some low tree branches. He worked himself around rubbing his face, his shoulders, his side and then practically sitting on the branch to scratch his backside. Very funny sight! Later on we visited some hyenas at a kill. Two lions had killed a buffalo that morning (witnessed by the lucky people who didn’t have to attend meetings!) but a pack of hyenas had managed to chase them away. In the morning, the outline of the buffalo had been clearly visible  – when I looked at other guests’ pictures – but now the very fat hyenas were lazily gnawing at the head and only the buffalos impressive horns were left. We also saw an elephant in the early stages of must so we maintained a careful distance, as well as a hyena den and some buffalo.

A lovely end to the game drive was the entrancing sight of hundreds of fire flies as we crossed the dam wall. We turned off the landy’s lights and watched this magical nature light show. As we arrived at our chalet, the night watchman gestured to a couple of peaceful buffalos grazing just beyond our deck. We crept quietly on the deck and watched them in safety from only a few meters away. Fantastic! It also reminded me that you always need to be aware at a safari lodge as the camps are open and game does wander through. That’s why it’s so important to be walked back to your room or tent at night by the night watchmen.

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