Self-Drive in Southern Mozambique

White Pearl Resort, Mozambique

White Pearl Resort, Mozambique

For a long time, we’ve been keen to offer a self-drive itinerary combining the Kruger National Park with southern Mozambique to appeal to our more adventurous clients.

However two things held us back…
1) The roads were not in great condition
2) There was nowhere really nice to stay

However this has now changed…

The tar road from Maputo north to Inhambane (and the nearby resorts of Tofu and Barra) has been vastly improved in the last couple of years with the potholes  removed. It is still not exactly a fast drive as there are plenty of villages en route. But it is no longer a hair-raising drive. (The road through the Mozambique peace park is still quite adventurous however – and we recommend a high clearance vehicle.)

Secondly there are now some stunning resorts to stay at in Southern Mozambique. One of the best is White Pearl Resort south of Maputo. Though we actually recommend their fantastic helicopter trip to the lodge rather than driving.This now brings some of that tropical glamour available on the islands to the south of Mozambique.

En route to Inhambane there are also options such as Villa Esperanza or the more rustic Praia do Sol at Bilene. We can also rrange rental cars which are allowed to go into Mozambique.

Suggested routings

Upmarket Option:
2 nights Buhala Game Lodge, southern Mozambique
Drive or transfer to Maputo. Helicopter to White Pearl Resort for 4-5 nights
1 night at the Polana Hotel
Drive or transfer back to Kruger International Airport

Adventurous Option:

2 nights Pondoro Game Lodge, Balule Game Reserve, Greater Kruger
2 nights Machampane Bush Camp, Mozambique Peace Park
1 night Villa Esperanza, Bilene – en route north to Barra
3-4 nights Barra Lodge
1-2 nights Holiday Inn Maputo

Contact us if you would like us to quote on either of these itineraries.

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