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If you want to take your family on a Botswana Safari look no further than the Young Explorers programme. This is a specially designed family safari that allows families the opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness together, without the distractions of modern day stresses and modern day technology.

Mokoro Fishing BotswanaIt’s headed up by Paul Moleseng, a well known guide whose patience, understanding and expertise makes for the rarest of teachers. He’s someone who can impart often complex information in a way that is practical, fun, interactive and relevant. Young Explorers takes children from 7 years upwards (although, on a child-by-child basis, it has been known to accommodate even younger children).



Botswana Family Safari

This family friendly Botswana safari can be done at either the Footsteps Camp (in the Okavango Delta) or at Saile Tented Camp (in the Linyanti. Region.) Most families would opt to do a three night family safari in one of these areas, but we sometimes combine both of these areas for a longer family safari. We can certainly tailor make a programme to suit the size and age of your family.

The Family Botswana Safari can also be conducted at Shinde Enclave and Linyanti Ebony. This family safari is fully inclusive of experienced guides, personal chef, waiter, house keeper and Mokoro guides (subject to water levels) One of the special attractions is its exclusivity: each family has the sole use of a private camp, allowing the daily schedule to be flexible and to be tailored around the ages and interests of all family members. Activities are planned with children in mind. The key to this is keeping children interested and stimulated, so shorter activities provide more diversity and interaction for the children.

The Young Explorers specialist guides are highly experienced in working with children, which allows the parents to relax and enjoy the wilderness, participating at their leisure. However Paul says that most parents participate with their children as they did not want to miss out on the fun on offer. Paul and his team have devised a number of child centred activities designed to introduce the kids to key elements of environmental conservation.


Making Fire Botswana Young ExplorersThese include learning how to track; to use signs (spoors etc) to build up mental pictures of animal activity; survival skills, such as making fire, shelter building, finding water; and to tell the difference between a variety of animals, to understand the complexities of different types of behaviour, and to use this knowledge to predict further patterns of behavior.

Paul mentioned that they have so much fun that the children do not miss any of the modern day technology that they are so use to having as part of their daily routine. On completing the safari the kids receive a Young Explorer certificate, T-shirt and cap. As he says the parents are so happy when they see their children having fun while learning at the same time!

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