East Africa

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda or Uganda

There can be few more moving experiences than meeting the brown-eyed gaze of the hugely endangered mountain gorilla whilst gorilla tracking in Africa. You must be prepared to trek for up to 6-7 arduous hours for the reward of an encounter with a 220kg ‘silverback’ but the anticipation is matched only by the euphoria after [...]

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Kate vist to Baraza Resort & Spa

I was expecting Baraza Resort & Spa to be a little “too much” , a little over the top. It actually isn’t, though of course it is the opposite of Breezes Beach Club’ homely style. Indeed there’s an argument to say that you should stay at places which are completely different from your home when [...]

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Kate’s visit to The Palms in Zanzibar

Continuing with my recent trip to Zanzibar, I then stayed at the luxurious Palms which was built 8 years ago as the five star sister hotel to Breezes. It doesn’t take kids under 16 years (though curiously each villa has a second bedroom with a single bed, and shower room so an older child could [...]

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Kate’s visit to Breezes Beach Club

I recently headed to Zanzibar off the mainland of Tanzania to check out a couple of our preferred hotels. (See my full article on the Cedarberg website). I stayed at the lovely Breezes Beach Club, a friendly and ultra comfortable four star resort hotel set on a really lovely beach on the south-east coast of [...]

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Singita Grumeti launches Singita Equestrian Safaris

Singita Grumeti in western Tanzania launched Singita Explore a few months ago.  Situated in over 340,000 acres of exclusive use concession in the Serengeti, Singita Explore is Africa’s most exclusive mobile-tented safari experience. Singita Explore is sold on an exclusive use basis only. This back-to-basics mobile tented experience is designed for minimal impact on the [...]

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Is there a ‘best time’ to see the Wildebeest migration?

We are often asked when is the best time to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park?  The first thing to establish is that there is not one specific time when the animals are on the move. They are in continual movement throughout the year in search of water and fresh nutritious grasses. [...]

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Kate Bergh is co-founder of Cedarberg African Travel, a specialist tour operator for Southern and East Africa.

She heads up the South African office, having lived in South Africa since 1993. Her home looks up to the Cedarberg Mountains, where she enjoys hiking and cycling, when she’s not out discovering new places to visit, with her three children in tow. Kate has travelled extensively throughout the region to Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as most areas of South Africa. She also loves history, meeting people and a good thriller...


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